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So it's only natural that I'm now a MUA for a living who teaches others how to glam as well! 


I was always          teenage girl that did all of her friends makeup before a dance.

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Ultimate How To Do
Your Own Bridal
Makeup Mini Course 

Take your bridal makeup into your own hands with my signature bridal makeup look I do on all of my high end brides. A timeless, glowy, romantic look you'll love! Packed with info! 

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Have you ever noticed that there’s a difference between makeup you see on Youtubers and makeup you see on the red carpet? While both styles are beautiful, red carpet makeup is designed to turn your average person into a star, in a way that is subtle, sultry, and timeless. In my classes we go over these very techniques and you’re sure to see a big difference in your final result. 

Advanced Artistry Techniques 

Not all beauty products are created equally! If you want a beautiful makeup application, you need the right tools. In these classes I guide you through my tried and true products that I use on myself and my VIP clients. You’re welcome to use what you have at home as well, but it’s always fun to plan for future Sephora trips! 

The Right Products For The Job 

Whether you’re a master at doing your makeup or you don’t even know where to begin- these makeup lessons will show you how to do every step of your glam the pro way. My lessons are as detailed as possible, I quite literally downloaded my knowledge of a 10 year career as a makeup artist into these! 

Detailed Step-By-Step Guidance 

Easy, approachable, fun makeup lessons packed with red carpet makeup tips and tricks.

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