A comprehensive guide to bridal makeup, a transition into reception makeup, and all things bridal beauty! 

My Ultimate How To Do Your Own Bridal Makeup Course 

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POV: Your wedding date is creeping up on you and you still have no idea what you're doing about your bridal makeup. Bridal artist are all either expensive or fully booked, and you don't want to take a risk on a less expensive wildcard  service (but don't want to mess it up yourself either!). Don't worry, you're not the only bride who's been stuck in this situation. Enter: My Ultimate How To Do Your Own Bridal Makeup, A Course.

A Step-By- Step Guide to Creating The Bridal Look of Your Dreams 


Many brides do their own makeup, but may not have the understanding of what looks good on them, how to make their makeup long-lasting, or how to create a timeless look.


Many brides end up dissatisfied with their bridal makeup / bridal makeup artist. Makeup is so personal and sometimes another person is not able to translate your vision.


Due to the easing of the pandemic, bridal makeup artists are harder to book than they've ever been, often booking 1-2 years out. The odds of getting a great artist that's in your budget is getting slim. 


The average rate for bridal makeup is $300. High end bridal makeup artists will likely charge $1,000+. While $300 isn't too bad, it still adds to the seemingly never ending wedding tab! 


The Reality of Bridal Makeup Today 

let's talk facts:

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As a content creator and professional makeup artist, I am lucky enough to be sent so much makeup on a daily basis to test. This course includes the products that stack at the top of the top for me and are what I myself keep in my kit for my clients. They are my tried and true and are absolutely worthy of your big day. However, you can use your products at home for this look as well! 

All the Best Products for the Big Day - Straight From My Makeup Kit!

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No two faces are the same so in this course I'll share how to customize this set look for your skin type, skin tone, and desired intensity. If you're a makeup minimalist that wants a little something without looking overly done- this is your course. If you're a full-on glamazon who wants to look like the most red carpet version of yourself, this is also your course! 

How to Customize the Look to your Skin Type and Specific Taste (Make It Yours!)

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Bridal makeup needs to be able to withstand tears, kisses, sips of champagne, and the weather, and that's a lot to content with! I'm sharing my top tips and tricks for keeping your makeup budge-proof from the First Looks, to the "I- DO's", to the dance floor and smashing of the cake to the face (ladies, don't let your man do that to the glam!). 

How to Create a Beautiful Bridal Look that *lasts* 

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I have created a signature look throughout my time working red carpets and luxury brides and it is a look I love and stand by. In fact, each bride I do gets a version of this look adapted to their skin tone, skin, type, and desired level of glam. Most of my bides like to keep things soft, but this look can be dialed up as you'll see! 

My Signature, Luxury Bridal Makeup Look (that my brides pay $1,000+ for!)

signature look

Here's What You'll Learn


"My lesson with Megan gave me total confidence in doing my own bridal makeup. I loved my look!"


real results


You just need help to take your beauty super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what              

You're more capable than you think you are.

Create a flawless complexion suited to your skin type and know how to address your skin concerns

Build a beautiful, softly contoured eye with matte + shimmer shadows for your eye shape

Layer cream and powder products to create more longevity in the makeup

 apply false lashes (both individual and half strip)

Create a budge-proof look that will withstand humidity, kisses, eating and drinking, and tears!  

take your bridal look from day to night with a makeup add-on for the reception

By the end of this course, you will know how to...

let's glam

I'm Megan, your new Makeup Coach/ Beauty Buddy 

I moved to Los Angeles 4 years ago to pursue my dream of becoming a Celebrity Makeup Artist. Little did I know I'd not only work with celebs, but I'd become a TikToker, too!  I now spend my time between red carpet clients, psoting about the latest makeup trends, and working with high end brides. I cannot wait to share everything I've learned from my time in LA as a beauty pro! 

Hey there!

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What Sets This Bridal Course Apart from the Rest

it's an incredible enrichment course for bridal artists

One of my favorite things about growing as an artist is taking other artist's lessons that I admire. After all, we're never done learning are we? I've expanded myself as an artist so much from taking classes with and assisting some of the biggest, most famous makeup artists in the world. For that reason, I made sure to include a vast amount of detail and technique in this course making it an excellent option for all makeup artists (whether you specialize in bridal or not.) My signature makeup look is very sought-after and my brides pay the same rate a celebrity would pay for my services. 

this is a red-carpet meets bride makeup look, not your average bridal makeup 

As a makeup artist, my background is in red-carpet makeup. I worked for Charlotte Tilbury for years and was able to participate in major events like the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Met Gala, and TV Appearances for KTLA. After working with Charlotte Tilbury, I went on to assist celebrity makeup artists such as Katey Denno, Pati Dubroff, Patrick Ta, Beau Nelson, and Jamie Greenberg. This bought me on set of magazine shoots, major campaigns, inside of A-list celebrities homes, and helped me hone my skills as an artist. 

My background in red carpet beauty served as the catalyst to my career working with brides as your wedding day is the ultimate red carpet! 

Bridal makeup made easy. No guesswork, just one tutorial that shows you how to get it right the first time. 

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What is your setting routine? How should I layer product?

Setting is a multi-step system, so I'll be showing you exactly how I layer on products for longevity. 

Should I dermaplane before my wedding?

From dermaplaning, to waxing, to facials, to microneedling- I will be weighing in on all skincare  treatments! 

How do I cover up last minute stress pimples?

Acne-prone skin can be tricky. I will be showing you the one concealer I trust for the most stubborn acne. 

How do I keep my face from getting oily in humidity?

So many of my brides are getting married in a tropical climate. While I propose you embrace the glow, I've got my tips on keeping the makeup put. 

How do I keep makeup from transferring onto my dress and others?

I have one particular brand that I like to use for my brides or for red carpet. It's transfer proof and oh-so perfecting. 

What is a long wearing bridal lipstick?

I will show you how I layer products for a more long wearing lip. I'll also share one drugstore lipstick that is incredibly long-wearing as well. 

What skin prep products do you use for each skin type?

I have a specific way that I prime each skin type, keeping it pretty simple. 

What lashes do I use for a lifted look?

I swear by one specific brand of lashes that are absolutely perfect for a lifted, sultry bridal eye. 

Your Most Frequently Asked Bridal  Questions

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All the Best Products for the Big Day - Straight From My Makeup Kit!

How to Customize the Look to your Skin Type and Specific Taste (Make It Yours!)

How to Create a Beautiful Bridal Look that *lasts* 

My Signature, Luxury Bridal Makeup Look (that my brides pay $1,000+ for!)

8 videos, thoughtfully organized to create a stress free process.

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My Ultimate How to Do Your Own Bridal Makeup Course

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I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your wedding ads up, but I promise this investment is one that will bring you a sense of both calm and confidence.