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How I Make Money As A Makeup Artist By Doing More Than Just Makeup

October 20, 2021

I’m going to break down all the ways that I’ve been able to drive revenue for my business in addition to doing makeup services on clients.

how i earn money as a mua without doing makeup
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Hi friends and fellow makeup artists!

If you’re reading this blog post, chances are you’ve found me some other way than by sitting in my makeup chair! This is something I’ve worked really hard to accomplish and I’m excited to share with you how I raise brand awareness. As a beauty professional, there are multiple ways you can draw attention to your skillset and services/ offerings. I’m going to break down all the ways that I’ve been able to drive revenue for my business in addition to doing makeup services on clients. 

  1. An educational, personable, Youtube channel:  Youtube is a great way to build a dedicated, loyal following that is extremely dialed in to your content. My Youtube followers watch all of my videos and leave kind, thoughtful comments on each one. They take my recommendations very seriously and love to purchase my suggestions after watching my videos. This means there’s a lot of opportunity to further montizize! You can earn money on Youtube after you meet their qualifications (# of watch hours in a 1 year period) and you’re paid per view on your content. Consider creating a Youtube channel in which you teach your signature makeup looks, and if you offer other services, create content on those as well! There are so many opportunities to get creative on Youtube, but I first recommend following 5 accounts who have a career you’re inspired by, and then research what works about their Youtube channel.

  1. A relevant, entertaining Tik Tok: I’m absolutely blown away by the branding power of this platform. I started posting on Tik Tok last December, and I’ve managed to grow my account to over 50,000 followers. It’s a phenomenal way to give potential clients a taste of what you offer, and leave them with the idea of working with you. I’ve managed to convert Tik Tok followers into clients that book me in person, over Zoom, purchase my classes, and use my affiliate codes. Consider teaching whatever special skill you have in the beauty niche on Tik Tok, being sure to let your relatable personality shine.

  1. Makeup Classes: I’ve acquired my following because I create easy to follow educational content that a lot of people can connect with. For those followers that want a more in-depth experience than they can get on Youtube, I offer paid-for makeup classes that can be purchased on my website. These lessons are a step-by-step guide to creating a look packed full of tips and tricks. 

4. Makeup Consulting: Those that are looking for the most personalized educational experience can book me for a one-on-one makeup lesson. I travel around the LA area for in-person lessons and I also offer Zoom lessons to service clients all over the country. 

5. Sponsored Content: Once you grow a social media platform to a certain size, you can capitalize on advertising. I make around 50% of my income from working with makeup brands on sponsored posts. 

6. Affiliate Marketing: Another amazing way to utilize your social media audience (and your personal clients) is through affiliate marketing. I only have codes for a few select brands that I use the most often and this earns me commission every time a follower places an order. You have no idea how many people could be using your code, the earning potential is endless! 

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