The Charlotte Tilbury Products Every Pro Makeup Artist Needs In Their Kit

October 20, 2021

With so many amazing products to choose from, here are my absolutely essential picks for pro artists from Charlotte Tilbury!

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My top charlotte tilbury must-haves
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Charlotte Tilbury is not just a brand with beautiful rose gold packaging and a fabulous, larger-than-life founder- it’s actually a fully comprehensive collection of products beloved my pro makeup artists all over the world. Most of Charlotte’s products are made in Italy, with her skincare coming from Switzerland (made in the same facilities as La Prarie, darling!) so she has done her homework and only offers her consumers the best of the best. From her Magic Cream to her Color Chameleons, here are the products every makeup artist should have in their kit. (To save 15% off Charlotte Tilbury, use my code “MeganL15” at checkout.)

Charlotte’s Magic Cream (offered in a variety of sizes): This is the cult classic product that started it all! Before Charlotte had her own makeup brand, she used to whip up her own cream in her kitchen that she’d use on her celebrity clients. They’d all ask for little jars to take home, and voila! The idea of Charlotte’s Magic Cream was born. Pros love to use this product as an all-in-one skin prep step as it gives the appearance that you’ve just had a facial. Keep in mind, this product is flooded with oils and actives, so it’s best for this with dry-normal skin types. If applying on an oily-skinned client, use sparingly and press into the skin (or opt for the Magic Cream Light version).

Light Wonder ($44): Light Wonder is an absolute must-have for a no-makeup makeup look. I use it on set when we’re doing beauty shoots and the model already has beautiful skin because this product adds a gorgeous luminosity. It’s virtually undetectable on camera (which the photographer will love) and has just the right amount of tint. Use this on more mature clients with dry skin too, if they don’t have as much to cover. Adds a lot of life to the skin!

Magic Vanish Color Corrector ($32): These correctors are an absolute must-have on every single client. It is amazing the powers these products have to cancel out blueness around the eyes. Remember, if you don’t correct with a color corrector and there is blueness present, your concealer is going to look gray. The correction makes it possible for a concealer to actually look brightening, so always remember to take the time to do this step!

Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder ($45): This is probably the best-known product from Charlotte, and for good reason! This finely milled powder was designed for dry skin and is composed of hydrating ingredients such as almond oil and rose wax. As a result, dry-skinned clients find the product to be comfortable and soft on the skin. Not to mention the beautiful blurring properties!!

Super Nudes Easy Eye Palette ($56): This is one of my all time favorite palettes that I use on every single client. It’s so great to find a universal palette that can create so many different looks, and this palette is extremely reliable. I most often use the camel color tones through the crease, and the black in the palette is so perfectly soft and great for blending. You will love this staple!

The Classic Pencils ($22): My God how I love this pencil!!! This product is actually an eyeshadow pressed into a pencil, making it soft and so great for smudging. I usually draw a straight line with the espresso color, and then smudge the bronze shade over top. It creates the most dreamy look! They also recently launched a Soft Black shade which is really nice in the waterline.

Pillow Talk Lipsticks ($34): Charlotte designed the Pillow Talk lipsticks to be the perfect neutral-nude lip, meant to look like the pinkest part of the lip. It was such an exciting moment when she release Pillow Talk Medium and Deep- finally women of deeper complexions had their perfect shade too! I love these colors and think every artist should carry them. They’re also great mixed with more caramel colors to make them even more nude. I would definitely suggest pairing them with their waterproof matching lip cheats too!

Beauty Light Wand in Pillow Talk ($38): This product is a gorgeous liquid highlighter with a soft pink tone. It is so gorgeous because it doesn’t add any texture to the skin like a powder can- it just looks fresh and hydrated. There is also a Pillow Talk Medium version that works for deeper skin tones OR as a blush for fairer tones. I absolutely love this product and have yet to find anything as good!

These are my absolute ESSENTIALS from Charlotte, remember to use my code MeganL15 to shop and if you’re a pro artist with credentials you can apply for the 30% off pro program.

Xx Megan

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